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Sorry to keep you waiting.

We will resume martial arts tourism.

We will contact you as soon as the location for the free Kendo trial is decided.

Please see this booklet for detailed information.

Touring Miyazaki Prefecture
through kendo

In recent years, Kendo has been featured in many media such as dramas, movies, and anime, and is extremely popular not only in Japan but also overseas.
Miyazaki Prefecture in particular attracts many foreigners from overseas as it is considered the sacred place whe
re Kenpo originated.
We will introduce martial arts tourism related to Kendo that is attractive to everyone, whether you are just starting Kendo or have experienced Kendo.
Please come and experience samurai cultur

​PV now available


  to you

We have prepared three plans.

Kendo Trial Kendo class for those with no experience in Kendo

Beginner Kendo experience free!

Safe for beginners! If you're thinking, ``I saw it on TV and thought it was cool, but it seems like it's too difficult to get into...'' or ``I'd like to try it out before officially joining a dojo,'' come check us out!
Kendo uniforms and bamboo swords will be provided.
This is a approximately 2-hour course that explains the basic techniques and purpose of Kendo. After the experience, we will introduce you to the nearest dojo.
You are also welcome to bring along a tour!

Please apply for a free ticket to participate.

We have created a booklet full of information about Feel Samurai Tours. Please read this before your Kendo experience.


The following paid plans require membership registration and plan registration. >

In addition to the registration fee, activity fees and practice fees are required separately.

Bushido spirit activities For those inexperienced/ experienced in Kendo

Activities related to “road”

We offer hands-on activities related to the "road'' that samurai would have practiced in the past.

You might be able to feel like a samurai even without experiencing Kendo! ? If you have Kendo experience, you may be able to see a deeper world.

Many activities related to Kendo in Miyazaki Prefecture will take you into the spiritual world of martial arts.


for Kendo practitioner For Kendo dan/restarters

Dojo visit/excursion for those with dan rank

*Limited to those over 18 years old

If you are a kendo dan, you can easily apply for de-keiko from this site.

Miyazaki Prefecture is the birthplace of Kenpo and has produced many famous swordsmen. Let's make a lot of friends by practicing in various regions with the slogan "Koken Chiai". While practicing at a different dojo than usual, we hope you will meet many people and enjoy the area. For those who have been away from Kendo for a long time, we can help you get back into it.

Once you have decided to participate, please complete the "Membership Registration'' and select the "Dekeiko Plan.'' See you at the dojo!

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