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The purpose of is to spread the circle of community around the world through Kendo, just like Koken Chiai.

There are many overseas Kendo enthusiasts who would like to practice Kendo in Japan. However, when traveling to Japan, I often hear that even if you are lucky enough to come across a kendo hall, you don't know how to ask for help, or that it is difficult to talk to someone because of the barrier to entry. This kendo hall introduction site was launched to solve such problems. If a local dojo can easily accept foreign swordsmen, it will definitely be a valuable experience for those involved in the dojo.


However, due to the coronavirus pandemic (as of December 2020), it is extremely difficult to accept Kendo enthusiasts living overseas, so we are currently using this site to encourage Kendo enthusiasts living in the prefecture who fall under the following categories. The purpose of this site is to help you find a practice place that suits you.

① I came to Miyazaki due to a transfer and am looking for a kendo hall.

② I want to resume Kendo, but I don't know where I can practice.

③I want to start Kendo.

In addition to Kendo dojos, we also provide tourist information in Miyazaki related to martial arts.

When participating in a practice or activity, please provide information such as your dan level, affiliation, and Kendo background to this site, which will be shared with the host organization.

​In addition

The way Japan is viewed from overseas is highly valued, and there are many foreigners who are interested in the Bushido spirit. Through this project, we believe that if we can accept students at local dojos, we will be able to greatly contribute to the globalization of young people in the future. We would like to aim for a system that can energize local dojos and further contribute to the revitalization of the local economy.

When visiting a dojo or an activity, we would like to share information about our kendo experiences so that you can enjoy kendo even more, and for mutual understanding through kendo.

We will continue to operate with the sincere hope that we will be able to contribute to peace and prosperity through our inbound business once the new coronavirus infection is over.

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